Ten Things Successful Authors Do to Sell More eBook and Audio Books

Ten Things Successful Authors Do to Sell More eBook and Audio Books

Are you facing challenges in selling your books? You are probably not doing the right things as done by successful authors. However, we will discuss ten things that you can do to sell more eBooks and audiobooks as other successful authors. This way, you’ll be able to sell like a Pro.

  1. Know your readers

One of the things successful authors do is to know their readers. This is an important tip as it helps in setting the right content and tone for your targeted audience. Once you know your audience, you will have an easy time getting to them.

  1. Create an elevator pitch

Successful authors also create a compelling elevator pitch that draws the interest of new readers. The pitch created by successful authors includes an overview of the genre, the author’s credentials, who the book is appropriate for, how the book is different from others in the same genre, and the support the author gives to readers once they have purchased.

  1. Know the buyer’s journey

Another great thing successful authors do to sell more ebooks and audiobooks is knowing the journey of their buyers. By this, the author is aware of what the buyers are looking for; considers the help that buyers need, and make publication decisions based on the needs of the buyers.

  1. Build a content reservoir

Top sellers who understand their buyer’s journey also build a collection of content to get to the readers at every stage of publication. This is done online to increase visibility and conversations.

  1. Update website

Another important thing that most top sellers do is to update their websites with amazing landing pages that give a good first impression for readers.

  1. Build an email list

Creating an email list is also a great strategy used by successful authors to sell more books. This tool is useful for widening engagement with website visitors.

  1. Keep online profiles consistent

It is also important to keep all the online profiles consistent so that readers can identify you as a brand. Most top sellers use the same name and logo across different online platforms.

  1. Choose the right social media platforms

Social media offers an amazing platform to sell more books. Top sellers know how to pick the right social media platforms for their eBooks and audiobooks. For example, Twitter and LinkedIn work well with business books, while Pinterest and Facebook appeal more to fiction and lifestyle books.

  1. Pursue book reviews

Successful authors are always interested in reviews for every book they sell. Therefore, they provide incentives for buyers to review the books they have read.

  1. Hire publicist

Sometimes, top sellers hire a publicist who ensures that the books released on the market get the needed attention. This tip works if the book has a great competition, which is almost certain for nearly all the books.


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