Sneak Peek: A Teddy for Jackie Jr by Ronald Destra & Renald Destra

Release Date – July 4, 2018: A Teddy for Jackie Jr by Ronald Destra & Renald Destra.


I have the most wonderful son. When he was born, he had a spinal condition. They said he’d never walk.

My wife and I prayed earnestly that Jackie Junior would walk normally like any other child. Jackie Junior has proved to be a fighter. He wants to live just as much as we want him to live.

When Jackie Junior was two years old, we showed him animated movies of the three bears.  They made him laugh.

That was our joy to see him laugh and smile; we knew it helped somehow. With his condition we had to make things as comfortable as possible for him.

Jackie Junior is our pride and joy; because of him and his difficulties, our family is closer. Some say there’s nothing like tragedy to bring a family together; well, I’m a believer of that saying.

We had a Teddy bear specially made for him. The colors were expressions of our love for him. The Teddy bear’s body was gold, his eyes were beige and the inside of his ears was brown. We had a yellow and brown bandana sown in around his neck with two laced bracelets of burnt orange around his wrists.

In the middle of his chest were black bold letters that spelled, “TEDDY.” He was a handsome bear.

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