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Hoppy the Frog: The Princess and Frog (Bedtime Inspirational Stories)


Another children’s classic from prolific author Ronald Destra!
Hoppy had one thing in common with other frog: he was a tiny tadpole. But as he grew, his abilities grew with him. Soon he found himself in races with other frogs, but they were no match for his awesome ability to leap great distances. Hoppy was possibly the best hopper in the entire land and waterways. He was born to race!
The king held a great contest for the best racer the frog world had ever seen. With the hand of the king’s beautiful daughter in marriage as the prize, it was only natural for Hoppy to sign up, but before the D-day, an unfortunate event stopped him in his tracks.
Will Hoppy be able to overcome the obstacles in his way in order to win the hand of the king’s beautiful daughter in marriage? Scroll up and click the link to find out!
Ronald Destra is an author that writes children’s books with unique storylines and moral lessons. Hoppy the Frog is a story that teaches the importance of working hard and never giving up. It is perfect as a bedtime story to read to your kids before you turn out the lights!



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  • Paperback
  • Publisher: Destra World Books Publishing, LLC (January 1, 2019)
  • ISBN: 978-1-941844-47-2
  • Language: English
  • Print Length: 30 pages
  • Age Ranges: 3-10
  • Grade Level: Pre-K- 5
  • Product Dimension 8 x 0.2 x 10 inches
  • Shipping Weight 11.4 ounces

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32 reviews for Hoppy the Frog: The Princess and Frog (Bedtime Inspirational Stories)

  1. Filip

    Great book that encourages children to join sports and be active. It teaches that with hard work and the right attitude anything can be achieved. Overall very inspiring children’s book. Must buy!

  2. Cassandra.T

    Hoppy The Frog Is A Great Book It Teaches Kids To Be Active And Encourage Them This A Great Book For My Lil Brother

  3. Erica

    Hoppy The Frog is a great book teach kids about staying active and chase your dream no matter what

  4. Elie Louidjie

    Big book that encourages children to play sports. He teaches that with hard work and determination everything can be done. A very inspiring children’s book.

  5. Kim

    My children and I really like Hoppy the Frog book. I am glad I pre-order the eBook for a small fee of $2.99 by downloading it at Destra World Books Publishing.
    This is an adventure frog and princess story books for kids. Highly recommend.

  6. Mrs. Williams

    Bedtime Inspirational Stories:
    I like this frog book for children. I think my grandchildren will like Hoppy the Frog by Ronald Destra.
    I just pre-order four copies hardback for my grandchildren.
    I highly recommend.

  7. Melvin Hayes

    This is really a great book for children. It had great impact on kids as it encourages them into being determined to achieve great things and also believe in themselves. Parents should endeavour to purchase this book for their children due to the positive impact in has. I have no regret purchasing this book.

  8. Marie

    This is a frog book for children. I pre-order this book for kids and they love it.
    My kids and I are looking forward to listen to the audio book soon.
    I highly recommend!

  9. Daniele

    This is a funny frog book for kids.
    My children love the eBook we purchased and download from Destra World Books Publishing.

  10. Harris

    The kids like this bedtime story. We read Hoppy the Frog together every night before we go to bed.
    Definitely recommend!

  11. JENNY

    Awesome story for kids!

  12. Mylaine

    This is a great frog books for children.

    Highly recommend!

  13. LOVE

    My kids and I really enjoy this princess story books.
    Definitely recommend.

  14. Hull

    Hoppy the Frog is one the best bedtime story my kids read in a very long time.
    Awesome Job!

  15. Erica

    My whole family loves this frog book, Hoppy the Frog by Ronald Destra!

  16. Shirley

    This book is awesome.
    My kids and I took turns reading it aloud before bedtime.

    Amazing job!

  17. Stevey

    Great Story!
    I think this book is very well written frog and princess book for kids.

  18. Nelly

    Wonderful Bedtime Story for Kids!

  19. Darlene

    This is one of the best frog and toad books, I read this as a bedtime story for my kids. It’s quite inspirational and it teaches moral lessons. Kudos to the writers

  20. Sam Avalon

    This is actually one of my favorite bedtime story, I really enjoy every bit of it. Very well written and beautiful visuals.

  21. Henry Banks

    This book is about an amazing frog that has an ability of self-encouragement and self-determination. No matter the situation, Hoppy overcomes every situation or challenge he finds himself and this is due to its never give up attitude which made him achieve his desire at every point in time. A must read to every kid at home.

  22. David

    This is a fantastic story line, frog and princess story. Very creative

  23. Anonymous

    This is a very fantastic book, so glad I found it. Best bedtime story so far

  24. Eric

    Great story, it’s very inspirational and I really enjoyed it. So much to learn reading this to every kids. Highly recommended

  25. John Alfred

    Hoppy the frog is an amazing animated book that serve as a means of inspiration to my kids. I really have no regret getting this book for my kids. They love it and the impact it has on them as well. Hoppy the frog is a great and fantastic story that kids will definitely enjoy.

  26. Frank_emily

    Hoppy the frog story books is one of the number one fast selling story book you can get for your children to keep them alive in the world of today, it has a good story line which is capable of shaping the life of your children, thus opening their mind to the reality of working hard and never imbibe the spirit of giving up.
    It’s a perfect pre-school story book which is worthy to be recommended to children for better reasoning.
    Hoppy the frog story book is best recommended for children to be read late at night before going to bed because it gives inspiration, moral and highly educative. Looking for an animal kingdom stories using the like of toads, frogs and different types of animal which are love by kids, prince and princess stories, soothing line of action, Hoppy the frog is just worthy to be recommended. Get one for your kids today!.

  27. elie louidjina

    A very good book that encourages children it teaches that with hard work and the right attitude everything can be realized. Inspiring book of children. I advice you to buy!

  28. Max

    Great audio book.

  29. Elie louidjina

    Great book that encourages children to play sports. He teaches that with hard work and determination everything can be done. A very inspiring children’s book.

  30. Hariana davilla

    this is a story about a uniqur frog named hoppy it’s tell how grew up from tadpole to being a adult i highly recommend

  31. Jina Joseph

    This is a story about a unique frog named hoppy it’s tells how hoppy grew up from tadpole to being a adult frog hoppy is a very strong and determined frog

  32. Staci

    Very nice story.

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