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A Teddy for Jackie Jr: Kids Illustrated Teddy Bear Books (Jackie Jr Life Series)


What is a miracle to you? If it’s walking on water or turning water to wine then you need to reconsider and take a better look around you. For the mother and father of Jackie Junior, there had never been a more astounding miracle than their son.

You see Jackie Junior was born with a horrible spinal condition that prevented him from ever standing or walking. Doctors were absolutely certain that he was doomed never to walk, always to be different from anyone else.

But, to their surprise, Jackie was a fighter. All that was needed was for his parents to get him a teddy bear. But this teddy bear was not an ordinary toy. Everything about that teddy bear was specially made for Jackie and was a true reflection of his parents’ love for him.

This special connection that Jackie Junior and Teddy shared was exactly what ignited the fighting spirit in him, helping him take his first steps at the age of four. His parents and his doctors were not only amazed but were actually left speechless because they knew something like that was simply impossible.

Reading this animated book will hopefully open your mind to this impossible world and show you that everything is possible if you just believe; if you just fight.

Jackie Junior was destined never to walk or stand. His doctors were more certain about his condition than the color of the night sky. But nothing in his life is certain and nothing is final.

So pick up this great book and read it to your little angel. He or she will definitely love the story and you will definitely appreciate the unique message as well as the promising ending.

Grade Level: K-3
Hardcover: 30 pages
Publisher: Destra World Books Publishing, LLC (July 4, 2018)
Language: English
ISBN: 978-1-941844-40-3
Product Dimension: 8 x 0.2 x 10 inches
Shipping Weight: 11.2 ounces

Copyright (c) 2018 Ronald Destra / Renald Destra All rights reserved.
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Hardcover: 978-1-941844-40-3
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29 reviews for A Teddy for Jackie Jr: Kids Illustrated Teddy Bear Books (Jackie Jr Life Series)

  1. Kim

    Awesome children book my disable son can relate too.
    I highly recommended.

  2. Adele Toymas

    This is another fantastic animated book from Ronald Destra, after reading this book, it opened my mind to this impossible world, that everything is possible if I just believe in it. This book will make you become a fighter, to never give up on yourself, friends or family. Who Would have thought young Jackie would ever walk again, everyone had given up on him, even his parent. I totally recommend this book to every household, it’s beautifully written.

  3. Tosin Silverdam

    This is story quite Interesting, it’s a powerful story and there are so many lessons to be learned, it inspires us not to give up easily no matter the situation. I enjoyed the story and I love the story line. I highly recommend this book to all family..

  4. Tina

    This is beautiful bedtime stories for kids, my kids love this book. It’s quite entertaining and fun

  5. Jones

    A Teddy For Jackie Jnr is well written story, I love the book for the fact that it is kid friendly. Kudos to Destra’s family for always doing a wonderful job

  6. Mariah Davids

    This has got to be my favorite Teddy bear story ever, I love the storyline. Getting a Teddy bear story book is very rare, I’m so glad I bumped into this, my kid is definitely going to love it. Awesome

  7. Annie

    This is a well written love story for kids, there is no doubt a kid won’t love it. It’s a beautiful book with great graphics, I love the feels while reading it.

  8. Tonye Cole

    A wonderful moral stories for every kids, kids will definitely learn a lot reading this book.

  9. Leira Panganiban

    This is a wonderful book about a strong kid and his very supportive parents. It’s filled with hope, love and faith – three elements which bonded the family in this story, as a whole. This is a good quick-to-read book parents will want to story-tell to their children before going to sleep and/or it could also be used as a reading practice book for the kids with moral lessons, like never giving up, they (and parents, too) could learn and apply in life.

  10. Ademuyiwa Awo

    A Teddy for Jackie JR is really and amazing and inspiring book every home should endeavor to have. Having a believe in your children is really vital and parents can also stand as a means of motivation to their children, studying closely what they derive interesting most, the animated movies on bears Jackie’s parents showed him and the gift of a Teddy presented to him served as a therapeutic for him and definitely changed his life. It also has colourful images to depict the story. I would not hesitate to recommend…

  11. Carrie Daniels

    This story brings so much joy while reading it, it’s quite touching and entertaining. I would really recommend every parents to get this for their kids, it is inspiring.

  12. Tabitha

    I’m so glad I found this book, this is not any kind of story you find anywhere. This is actually my first time of seeing a story about a Teddy bear and I enjoyed reading it and my kids love it as well.

  13. Tomi

    This is actually my kids favorite bedtime stories, they love this story. In fact they love all the books from Destra, me and my kids are big fan of your work.

  14. Alfre

    Just what I need for my disabled daughter, this is the perfect story for her. Thanks so much

  15. Adams

    A well written story line, this is exactly what every kids needs. They will surely learn a lot reading this beautiful story. Well done

  16. Mary Magrellos

    My kids are obsessed with this book, its a very interesting storyline. There is a lot to learn from this exciting book, its an inspirational book i reccommend to every parent to get for their kids. There is a lot to learn from it

  17. Henry Banks

    This is a wonderful written animated book from a great author. It serves as a means of inspiration to every child who reads it. Jackie is really a strong and amazing kid that gave his parents an unbelievable hope not to give up on him. Highly recommended.

  18. Elie louidjie

    It’s a very interesting story, powerful and full of lessons to be learned and it inspires us not to give up in any situation. I liked the story I highly recommend this book.

  19. Melvin Hayes

    This book is highly emotional and got my attention from the very beginning. Jackie is such a strong kid and I love the support and belief they had in their son. Its really awesome reading this book and having my kids read as well. Lot of lessons to learn

  20. elie louidjina

    After reading this book will become a fighter, to never give up that would have thought that the young Jackie would walk again, everyone had abandoned her, even his parents. I recommend this book all totally, he is well written.

  21. Nurse D

    Love the discounts. Thanks! I

  22. Mrs. Walter, RN

    Wonderful kids book.

  23. Elie louidjina

    This is beautiful bedtime stories for kids, my kids love this book. It’s quite entertaining and fun

  24. Louidjina elie

    A wonderful moral stories for every kids, kids will definitely learn a lot reading this book

  25. Elie louidjiw

    I enjoyed the story and I love the story line. I highly recommend this book to all family..

  26. TK

    Fun book for kids.

  27. Naouphed phedy

    I’m glad I found this book. My kids are sure going to love it…



  29. Hariana davilla

    this is a wonderful written animated book from a great author i advice to buy

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