Nine Ways To Promote Your Children Book On Goodreads

Nine Ways To Promote Your Children Book On Goodreads

Goodreads is an amazing platform for authors to promote their books. However, if you are publishing children’s books, you can use Goodreads to promote your books. Here are nine effective ways to promote your children’s book on Goodreads.

  1. Set up an author’s page

The first step to promoting your book on Goodreads is setting an author’s page. With the author’s page, you will get detailed statistics about your book once you post it there. It also offers an opportunity for readers to engage with you personally.

  1. List your book on Listopia

You can also ask your readers to list your books on Listopia. This section of Goodreads classifies different books on the platform. It would help if you classified your children’s books in the right category to get maximum visibility.

  1. Advertise

Goodreads has an optional feature for advertisements. You can try the advertising program by Goodreads that allows you to target specific readers based on their reading history.

  1. Give books away

The Goodreads’ book giveaway section is designed to raise awareness about your book. When you give free books on Goodreads, readers are likely to review them, and you will have more people wanting to read your children’s books.

  1. Host discussions about your book

You can host a Q&A session on Goodreads about your book. This allows your readers to know more about your book. It is an effective method to turn lukewarm readers into buyers.

  1. Connect your blog to Goodreads

When you connect your blog to Goodreads, your fans will get notifications from Goodreads about your new blog posts. This is a great integration feature.

  1. Connect Goodreads to MyBookTable

Goodreads integrates with MyBookTable as well. This integration allows you to take advantage of both sites to promote and share your children’s books. You can also share the reviews on Goodreads through MyBookTable.

  1. Ask fans for reviews

It would be best if you also asked your fans to review your children’s books once they have read them. This keeps your Goodreads account engaged; thus bringing more traffic.

  1. Organize events

You can use Goodreads to promote your events. Such events may include book signing events, a presentation at a conference, or giving a talk. The events appear on the profile page and boost your profile credibility as an author of children books.


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