How to promote your children book on Twitter?

Did you know that there is an actual science about promoting children’s books on Twitter? If you have just published a children’s book and you want to promote it on Twitter, you need to learn a few tips that will help you get the best out of the Twitter experience.

Schedule your tweets at peak hours

Even before we give you the actual tips on smartening your book promotion on Twitter, you need to know that scheduling your tweets during peak hours is key to getting your tweets read. Ideally, peak times at Twitter are in the morning rush and evening. Simply get to know the exact time that there is high traffic on Twitter and schedule your posts at that time.

Effective ways of smartening your children book promotion on Twitter

  1. Longer tweets are better

Most internet marketers will advise you to keep your tweets short, but that doesn’t work on Twitter. There, longer tweets get more clicks than shorter tweets. Therefore, when writing about your children’s book, keep in mind that you should have a slightly longer text than the normal short tweets. However, this does not mean that you start writing an extremely long tweet that will bore your audience.

  1. Use more verbs

On Twitter, people are stirred by action! Don’t bother with many unnecessary nouns defining your book but rather giving directions to your audience.

  1. Tweet close to the weekend

Your target audience for children’s books are parents willing to buy books for their children. Most parents use Twitter when it’s close to the weekend. Therefore, you can schedule your tweets from Friday going into the weekend. During this time, you are guaranteed a larger audience.

  1. Ask for retweets

One of the best ways of getting what you want is by asking. After advertising your book, ask your audience to retweet. A person who has enjoyed the book will definitely retweet, thus, improving probable sales for your book.

  1. Spread your tweets

You should space your tweets by at least 1 hour to ensure you are engaging your audience appropriately.

  1. Put a link towards the beginning of the tweet

If you want to refer your audience to an external link to check out your children book, you should try to put it towards the beginning of the tweet. Research shows that Twitter audience is likely to respond to a link that’s put towards the beginning of a tweet.

Well, there could be a dozen other ways to promote your children book on Twitter but the above-mentioned are simply amazing and will translate into sales for your book.

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