How to promote your children book on Instagram?

Instagram is now a leading online platform that you can use to promote your children’s book. However, you need the right strategy to promote your children book on Instagram.

Here are some of the tips that you can use to make your children book visible to over 700 million users on Instagram:

Create a business page

One of the best strategies that can help you sell your book better on Instagram is creating a business page. This social media platform has an amazing business account option that can enhance your opportunities to promote your book.

Some of the benefits of creating a business account for promoting your book include:

  • It gives you statistical data on which posts work better, thus giving you an opportunity to refine your posts for effective marketing of your book.
  • It helps you create ads.
  • It allows visitors to contact you with questions they have about your book.

Build an Instagram strategy

Whether you have a business account or a personal account, you need to build an Instagram strategy. For promoting a children book on Instagram, you need to use a working strategy such as 30-35-35. You should have balanced posts following the rule of 30-35-35. Using this rule, you should spend 30% advertising your book, 35% posting entertainment and another 35% spent on educational posts.

As you’ve realized, Instagram is not like other social media platforms but is one that requires more posts entertaining and educating your audience.

Post regularly

You need to keep your account active and engaging. This means that you should post regularly. One or two posts per day should be able to keep your Instagram account active.

Remember, not all the posts you are making should be on promoting your children book. Take time to educate your audience about children matters.

Employ influencer marketers

Instagram is one of the social media platforms that work well with influencers. You should be able to identify influencer in your field and collaborate with them to promote your children book.

This is a strategy that might cost you some money but will eventually lead to more book sales.

Advertise your posts

You can also use the advertising option to get your posts out there to a wider audience. Instagram is linked with other social media platforms that allow you to tap into those audiences as well.

Promoting your children book on Instagram should help you improve your sales. Just follow the tips given to keep your brand on top of the children’s books industry.

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