How to promote your children book on Amazon?

Amazon is the number one place for discovering new books. Whether you like it or not, Amazon is the place where you must list your book to get readers’ attention. There are many children’s books on Amazon; therefore, you must be very skillful if you want to promote your children book there.

Luckily, there are great tips that you can follow that will help you understand how to promote your children book on Amazon.

Create a great cover for your book

The first thing that you must work on when you want to promote your children book on Amazon is the cover of the book. You may need to use a professional cover editor to help you design your book cover.

Remember, it is a children’s book; thus, it needs to be colorful and appealing. The cover of the book is the first thing a potential buyer will be looking at. In as much as most of the buyers are adults, who buy books for their children, thus, the need to create a cover that looks appealing to their children.

Setup your metadata

Don’t worry if the phrase ‘metadata’ sounds quite technical for you. It is just a fancy phrase that means ‘data of your book’. You should optimize your metadata by describing your book in about 100 words. Ensure you make this description very insightful as it is an important element that determines how your book reaches the Amazon audience.

Just as a tip, you can read other books’ descriptions, more especially children books.

Get reviews first

Before you start selling your book on Amazon, you should get some reviews as they are important to selling books on Amazon.

Some readers in Amazon will ignore your book if there are no reviews. Amazon allows you to ask people to review your book, but you cannot pay Amazon  for a   review.  This means that you might have to give free samples of your children book as a way of promoting it to get reviews.

Understand Amazon’s ranking

The higher you are on Amazon’s ranking, the greater your chance of selling your books. Whilst there is no precise ranking algorithm, there is a close correlation between sales and ranking. You need to sell as many books as possible to get high on Amazon’s rank.

Use social media to promote your book

Once you have published your book on Amazon, you should use social media platforms to promote your book. This will help you get more sales on Amazon and even get a higher ranking that will sustain your children books’ presence on Amazon.

With these tips, you can make the best out of Amazon and promote your children book on this large platform.

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