How to Build Your Author Platform in a Digital World

As an author, you must have a discoverable online presence that will help you climb the ladder to become a top author in your niche. Creating an author platform in a digital world is not only important for the author but also for the readers as well for they find it easy to get all they want in a single platform.

Building an author platform in a digital world is a process that all authors must take seriously. Noting its importance, we will highlight the steps that you should take to build your author platform in a digital world.

Building a Digital Author Platform

Create an author website

The first thing that you need to do is to create an author’s website. This will be your central place where everything pertaining to your personal life and books can be found. The website gives readers an opportunity to see all that you have in a single platform.

When creating your website, ensure that it is appealing and has valuable content. You should even seek external help if you do not have the skills and time to create an amazing website design.

Create a social media presence

The next thing that you should have is a social media presence. Social media has become an outlet of information for many people. Therefore, you should ensure you have a visible social media presence.

Just remember that the social media presence you are creating should have your brand as the signature. Connect your social media pages to your website and maintain the consistency of the brand. As a tip, you should visit your social media pages regularly to update them with quality content.

Consider eBooks and audiobooks

The digital world is not simply about creating an online presence; you also need to make your books available in the leading digital forms. This is why you need to create eBooks and audiobooks for all your publications to cater for the varied needs of the trending readers.

Focus on SEO

Search engine optimization is an integral element in the digital world. You can only succeed if you put much focus on SEO. This helps your content to be discoverable online easily. You need to keep yourself updated on the latest keywords that could keep your books on the top search engines.

Network, network, network

Just remember, the digital world does not shield you from expanding your network when you have an opportunity to do that. For example, when you are invited to talk in a seminar, just remember to talk a little about yourself and your book.

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