Does the Book ISBN Matter?

There has always been the question of whether a book’s ISBN matters. Before looking at whether it matters or not, we should first understand what the ISBN is.

What is ISBN?

ISBN is an acronym for International Standard Book Number. Usually, a book’s ISBN is a 10 or 13-digit number. Previously, the ISBN was a set of only 10 digits, but it was changed to 13 digits in 2007. The set of numbers helps in identifying a specific book, a book-like product (e.g. an audiobook), and an edition of a book.

Every book that has been published from 1970 has a unique ISBN.

Does the ISBN matter in a book?

In order to understand whether a book’s ISBN matters or not, we should highlight what the ISBN does and its benefits. From there, it will be clear that the ISBN plays an important role in books’ publication, hence, it matters.

What is the work of an ISBN?

The ISBN has three primary functions as highlighted here:

  1. It enables identification of a specific publisher. With the ISBN, you can easily identify the publisher of a book.
  2. Apart from identification of the publisher, the ISBN helps in identifying the specific edition of a specific title.
  3. Finally, the ISBN helps in identifying the specific format used for that specific book. This means that you will be able to know the format of the book by just looking at the ISBN.

Importance of the ISBN

There are many reasons why a book’s ISBN matters. Here are some of the reasons.

  • A majority of conventional bookshops and online retailers always require a book to have an ISBN to ensure smooth processing of orders.
  • It is reliable in selling books. Furthermore, it has cost-effective benefits.
  • The ISBN provides direct access to bibliographic databases. Databases are used by libraries and trade organizations to provide customers with timely information about books.

From above, it is evidently clear that a book’s ISBN carries great importance. As an author or a publisher, always ensure that your book has an ISBN.

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