Does a book sub-title matter?

Writing and publishing a book is a process that requires the author and the publisher to be very thorough. If you are self-publisher; therefore, you need to be even keener not to leave some important details of a book when publishing. One of the most important detail is a book’s sub-title.

What is a book sub-title?

A book sub-title is an alternative title that offers an explanation of the book. The sub-title works to give the readers an idea of what the main title is about. If keenly written, the sub-title would also give the readers an idea about the main theme in the book.

Does a book sub-title matter?

Yes, a book sub-title is an important as the title itself. It is particularly important for books with vague or short titles that need further explanation.

Why is a book sub-title important?

Tells more about the title

One of the reasons why you should have a sub-title is that it will help you give a further explanation of your title. Sometimes, the title is usually too short or vague for the reader to understand what is in the book. It is at such times that you may need to have an explanatory section.

Attracts more readers

If your potential readers do not like or understand your title, they can make meaning of it using the sub-title. In essence, this act would attract more readers since you will get a chance to engage your readers in a short explanation of your title.

Makes your book to stand out

With millions of book available on the market, the likelihood of having the same title with other books is very high. This is why you need a sub-title that will be unique to your book. Therefore, with a sub-title, your book will stand out among the rest.

Always ensure that your sub-title is as specific and as informative as possible to make it effective in adding more sales to your book.

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22 replies on “Does a book sub-title matter?

  • Eliza M.

    I always use sub-titles in my articles and ebooks. It gives me the feeling of giving the reader a preview in only a few words. It also allows me to be more creative with the main title. I can be vague and creative but with the sub-title, I need to be more direct and explain the intent. Good way of looking at it!

  • S. Collins

    Yeah, couldn’t agree more, Destra! They say don’t judge a book by its cover, I say, don’t judge a book by its title…. instead, judge it by the sub-title! Book titles and cover images are usually hard to figure out what the content would be… whenever I see a book with a sub-title I’m usually more sure of what I’m about to read.

  • J-Boogie123394877

    I’ve seen sub titles used a lot in book series… like “Chronicles of Narnia” is the main title and “The lion, the witch and the wardrobe” is the sub-title. It’s definitely more common to see them in series like that. When you see those one-off books, you don’t really see sub-titles all that much, do ya?

  • Maria G.

    How long should a standard sub-title be? I’d like to make a nice long one but how long is too long? Does that really matter? My cooking book is almost fully written, I have 315 pages and 10 chapters. My book has a one-word title and right now my sub title is 12 words long… is that kinda overkill?

  • Myrtis Jaskolski

    Many enterprise homeowners have a wonderfully good ebook title. They perceive the significance of interesting to the customer’s feelings. Of providing a profit within the title and perhaps even together with a couple of key phrases.

  • Tara Jackson

    Nonetheless, the place they go mistaken is with the subtitle. It is ineffective or worse, non-existent. There are a lot of large advantages to together with a subtitle to your data product.

  • Justine Reid

    Your subtitle could be the single most necessary promoting instrument you’ve. Embody your key phrases, supply a profit or make a promise. Set up credibility and let your prospect know precisely what they’ve to realize once they purchase your product.

  • Aiden Marshall

    Usually, it should let the reader know what your ebook is about in as few phrases as attainable. You may give extra particular particulars within the subtitle. That is the place the creator lets the customer actually know what the ebook is about. When deciding which ebook to buy, the customer will often give extra weight to the subtitle than to the primary title.

  • Rosie Clark

    The introduction is a dialogue concerning the content material of the ebook. Right here the creator units the stage for the reader, and prepares them for what may be anticipated from studying the ebook. The introduction grabs the reader, and intensifies the reader’s want to seek out out extra, and hopefully devour all the ebook.I have recently completed a book “A sweet dream”. It was a good decision to give a tough subtitle.

  • Dan Stevens

    I am please with the title of my newest ebook. It’s quick, clear and catchy. However my daughter, a licensed household counselor, has issues concerning the title. Her issues put my thoughts on excessive alert and worries about my title would awaken me from a sound sleep. After a number of sleepless nights, I made a decision so as to add a subtitle.I emailed the skilled who had written a again cowl assessment of my earlier ebook and informed him my subtitle concepts. As a substitute of emailing me, he known as, and stated my subtitle misrepresented the ebook. We brainstormed about subtitle concepts and, throughout our dialog, I used a phrase that caught his consideration. “I like that phrase?” he exclaimed. “Use it in your subtitle.”

  • Jane Graham

    A title “Find out how to Overcome Adversity” sounds much less fascinating than “Overcoming Adversity: Find out how to Surmount Life’s Obstacles with Ease.” Equally, that nasty preposition “of” can usually be resolved with an “-ing” phrase. “The Discovery of the Loch Ness Monster” shall be simpler as “Discovering the Loch Ness Monster.”

  • Emma Marshall

    No matter you’re displaying folks the way to do, use the “-ing” type of the verb after which transfer the “Learn how to” to the subtitle. Retaining the “Learn how to” will make it clear to readers you’ll assist them, which tells the reader the good thing about the ebook. It is at all times good to let readers know with a non-fiction ebook how they’ll profit. However do not restrict your self to “Learn how to.” Phrases like “Your Information to” or “Your Resolution to” are additionally efficient.

  • Jack Chapman

    In case your title is “Property Planning,” chances are high seven different folks have already used that title, and if folks log on to seek out your ebook, they might find yourself shopping for one other writer’s ebook relatively than yours. You’ll want to do a web-based seek for your title to see whether or not something comes up. If you happen to discover different books along with your title, choose a distinct title.

  • Millie Williams

    With so many books available on the market this will look like a giant order. To begin with, nearly any title that involves thoughts instantly (after you will have determined to put in writing the ebook) has been used. So it is at all times a good suggestion to verify your brainchild out on It is not towards the regulation to make use of a title that has already been used, however it might trigger some confusion. So do not choose a title too rapidly; test it out totally and provides it appreciable thought. Let your unconscious mind work on it for some time; you might be stunned what it comes up with.

  • Greg Hunt

    Subtitle ought to give extra details about the ebook and clarify its advantages, and if it has to do that, it clearly must be for much longer than the title. One sentence is the norm, however it may be a number of sentences, and that is what I like to recommend. The necessary factor is that it does the job.

  • Kieran Simpson

    One of many main issues it’s a must to take into consideration when writing subtitles is key phrases. They’re phrases or phrases which are typed into a pc by folks when they’re looking for one thing. Key phrases are picked up by engines like google similar to Google and Yahoo. They’re significantly necessary when persons are in search of a nonfiction ebook on a specific matter on Amazon. They sort in just a few phrases associated to the subject, and look over the primary few books that come up on the display. You due to this fact should ask your self what somebody is prone to sort in when they’re in search of a ebook on the subject of your ebook.

  • Mario

    You said it all, a book sub title is very important to me. I really enjoy reading book more when it is sub titles, I’ll really appreciate it if every writers would do this.


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