Does a book keyword matter?

The task of promoting a book is as equally important as that of writing it. If you are intending to have your book read by many people, you have to do a few things while promoting your book. One of the most important thing is putting a keyword for your published book.

Does a book keyword really matter?

Well, this question has a definite answer depending on your intentions with the book. If you want your book to be popular among many readers, then a keyword really matters for you.

What is a book keyword?

This is a word or a phrase linked to your book with the search engine. One thing that most self-publishers don’t know is that even the leading major book selling websites use keywords in directing searches to the books. Therefore, the keywords of a book are keenly chosen words based on the genre, title, and the intention of a book that can make the book easily identified.

Why is a book keyword important?

For publishers who want to sell many copies of their books, the importance of a book keyword cannot be ignored. There are more than sufficient reasons for including a book keyword. Here are some of the reasons:

Improves a book’s visibility

One of the leading reasons why you should have a book keyword is that it will help to increase your book’s visibility. Even if you have a catchy title for your book, readers may still not be able to get to it if they can’t find it using their specified keywords. Therefore, if you have keywords guiding readers, they may find it easy to come across your book.

Appears in multiple search engines

With the right keywords, your book could appear in multiple search engines. This is because all the search engines rely on keywords to rank searches. Therefore, you should strive to get the best keywords.

It is a way of classifying a book

You can also use keywords to classify a book. The right keywords can classify a book into its distinct category. This makes it even easier for a reader to search and successfully find your book online.
There are more benefits of having keywords for your book with the above mentioned only acting as a guide of what to expect.

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21 replies on “Does a book keyword matter?

  • Chris

    Never thought of that. Keywords sound pretty important. In the digital age, I guess it helps make it more searchable. Makes sense though, it’s just another element to add to the book writing project. Having your niche audience helps, know who your audience is and the keyword should be obvious.

  • Amy Riley

    Does this also hold true if you’re just selling your book on Amazon? I’m working on a short story and I’m thinking of selling it through Amazon… I don’t know how to get a website put together so I don’t know if that really matters to me… what do you think? Do I still need to be concerned with a keyword? Does that somehow affect my search in Amazon?

  • Jeremy

    I wonder if it’s important to use keywords within the body of the ebook itself? I used to take classes on web design and I know a bit about SEO. Could including keywords strategically in the content of the ebook help its ranking too?

  • Patrick Borer

    That is nice information for you –  you possibly can work out one of the best key phrases to make use of to get your e book in entrance of folks that wish to learn it.

  • Eliezer Torp

    The primary mistake indie authors make is to only put within the key phrase part a bunch of phrases they suppose are associated to their e book. Whereas that’s not essentially incorrect, you solely get seven key phrases. To profit from them you wish to be sure that not solely are the phrases you utilize associated to your precise e book; they’re the phrases readers are utilizing to seek out books like yours.

  • Prof. Cletus Hane Jr.

    Most self-published authors will select the apparent phrases. For a thriller they may select one thing like: thriller; crime; killer; darkish; gritty; sufferer; homicide. These are all completely good key phrases on the face of it. They’re linked to the kind of e book, and are most likely the type of issues a reader searches for. So why would possibly you wish to rethink them?

  • Liam Erdman

    The subsequent necessary a part of this tactic is to examine that your listing of key phrases is profitable. How do you try this? You see what number of and which books present up within the outcomes. Useful tip – only a few individuals scroll past web page 1 of outcomes, and nearly no one makes it previous web page 3. So, in case your e book isn’t going to have an opportunity of being on web page one of many outcomes, you’re losing your key phrase house.

  • Miss Evie Russel

    Ensuring that a lot of the e book key phrases you’ve chosen have lower than 1,000 outcomes is an efficient method of constructing positive your e book gained’t get buried too far below a pile of others within the search outcomes. Greater than 2,000 and it’s most likely not a key phrase you wish to be utilizing. I discover utilizing a mixture of key phrases which have totally different numbers of search outcomes works finest: a pair at 800-1,000, a pair at 500-800, and the others lower than 500.

  • Andres Dietrich

    I used an incognito browser window to search Amazon for the top ebooks found by my first keyword. I used an incognito browser so that previous searches didn’t influence my results. I made a record of the book ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number), the overall book rank and the genres and rank in those genres. I also noted the ebook price. This is probably easier to do for non-fiction books like this one but can still be done for fiction. Here’s the top four I found in August 2017.

  • Pascale Collins

    Here’s the process I use to update the keywords. I start by using Google, not Amazon! Google is great at interpreting what you mean when you search and may well find better keywords you have not considered.

  • Laura H.

    Wow! I didn’t realize a book’s keyword could make such a difference in how well the book does. Being a brand new writer I have so much to learn. Thank you for writing such a great detailed article!


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