Does a Book Category Matter?

One of the most important questions self-publishers always ask is whether a book category matters. Well, to understand whether a book category matters or not, we will have to first look at what a book category is.

What is a book category?

A book category is simple the classification of books into different genre and sub-genre. Given the many types of literature available on the market, only categorization of books makes it easy to identify a book in its proper genre.

Therefore, with this, it is evident that a book category matters. We will highlight the importance of a book category to sensitize on the need to categorize your book before publishing it.

Importance of a book category.

A publisher gains many benefits for categorizing a book. Some of the benefits include:

Makes it easy to search the book.

As earlier mentioned, there are millions of books available on the market. All these books are of different genres. Therefore, it may be a bit hard for a reader to search and find a book that they want if there were no categories. Well, a book category makes it easy for readers to identify a book based on its genre and sub-genre.

Improves visibility of a book

Without a book category, a book’s visibility would be completely blocked given the millions of books available in the market. When a book is categorized, the search is narrowed down and readers have an opportunity to view your book, As a publisher, you should categorize your books as a way of promoting greater visibility of your books to the intended market.

Makes a book professional

If you add a category to your book, it will give the impression that it is a professional book. The act of adding a book category implies that the author or the publisher has taken their time to analyze the book and place it in its right genre. Therefore, a categorized book appears more organized and professional.

The above mentioned are just a few of the many benefits that you are likely to get for categorizing your book.

Therefore, it is evidently important that a book is classified in its rightful category before being published.

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9 replies on “Does a Book Category Matter?

  • M.C.Steven12

    What if you feel your book category is unique? Is it ideal to go with the nearest possible category? I get it, there’s thousands upon thousands of books out there so finding one with out a defined category would be ridiculous!

  • Tori

    I wonder if there’s certain categories that are more popular and thus more visible than others? I know based on the content of my book, I can lean it towards one category more then another. For instance, if I did a sci-fi/romance novel, would it make more sense to list it as a romance if that category gets more reader searchability?

  • Seth T

    Categories are that important huh? Makes me think a bit more carefully about writing my next book. Are there other tips for understanding categories? I’m thinking of writing about the lineage of US presidents and their impact in US history. Would this be a big category to write for?

  • Bailey R.

    What do you do if you can’t seem to categorize your book into just one category? Should you put it in the one you feel is the best or do you just not categorize it?

  • Marculs

    I think most writers don’t really pay attention to categorizing their books. I find it odd, categorizing your book brings out the professionalism in a writer. It’s very important


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