Does a Book’s Description Matter?

After the title and cover, the book description is another important marketing tool. An author can put the book description on the back cover or the inside flap.

A book description is an important tool that every book should have. When asked if a book’s description matters, the automatic answer should be, yes. A book description matters the same way other important tools of the books such as title, and covers do matter.

There are many reasons why an author should have a book’s description as part of the book. Here are some of the leading reasons:

Gives readers an insight of what to expect-

One of the top reasons why a book should have a description is to give readers an insight of the book. The short description of the book should summarize the important idea highlighted in the book. The reader can make connection with the book once he/she reads the description of the book.

In this regard, it is important for an author to master the techniques of writing an informative book description that will be of help to the reader.

Acts as a marketing tool-

A book description is also a marketing tool that an author should not ignore. Marketing statistic indicate that a book with a description  is likely to sell more than a book without a description; therefore, it is clear that having a book description is more beneficial. this tool is closely tied to the above mentioned reason since readers prefer to buy books that give them as insight of the book rather than just buying blindly.

Again, it is important to make the description appealing to the readers to increase the chances of gaining more sales.

Makes the book complete-

There is a belief that a book is not complete without its description. Therefore, inserting a book’s description matters very much in making the book complete since the description is an important tool of the book.

It is very clear that a book’s description matters a lot. However, the focus should not be on the book description but rather the quality of the description. It will only matter if the description is of great quality.


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