Does Book Cover Matter?

In as much as people say, “never judge a book by its cover,” many still judge books by their covers. This is a fact that we cannot escape. Therefore, you should know that a book’s cover matters just like the content of the book.

You’ll probably asking yourself how a book cover matters. Well, we will look at the benefits of having an attractive book cover.

Here are the leading benefits an author gets for having an attractive book cover:

Becomes a marketing tool-

The primary function of any book cover is marketing. A book cover is an important marketing tool that any serious author should not ignore. It is important to note that a book cover doesn’t give authors an opportunity to display their favorite colors or their inner life characters. To make it an effective marketing tool, authors should make it convincing to people since it is their number one sales tool.

Highlights the genre-

Another benefit of having an attractive book cover is that it gives author an opportunity to highlight the genre of their book. By simply looking at the cover, a person can know the genre of the book. This makes it easy to classify the book into its right genre.

Gives authors an opportunity to show their photos-

Some authors take advantage of the book cover to display their photos. This is also another marketing technique used by authors. There is a way in which showing a photo could influence readers to buy a book. So long as it is done in a professional manner, it adds value to the book.

Makes the book attractive-

A book cover also matters because it makes a book attractive. It is important to have a great cover that will attract more readers. Without a book cover, readers will not be enticed to buy a book.

Therefore, the importance of book covers is closely tied to their marketing function since their primary function is  to help generate more sales.

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