The Tattoo

All Stacie wants is a tattoo, but her mother isn’t having any of it.

What is wrong with a little tattoo? Everyone her age has one, and it’s so cool! This is the 21st century, and a little tattoo is not that big of a deal!

But Stacie’s mom, Connie, can’t understand that. According to Stacie, Connie is too old and outdated to understand what’s cool today. But soon, a visit to Stacie’s grandma will change the way Stacie thinks.

Stacie’s grandma notices how upset Stacie is with her mom, so she asks what happened.

Grandma then reveals to Stacie that her mom was just like Stacie when she was younger. In fact, she was a bit of a trouble! And she wanted a tattoo, as well!

Then grandma goes on by revealing a big secret to Stacie, who is very surprised! What is the big secret that will make Stacie change her mind? The answer is written in The Tattoo.

Enjoy your reading!

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