Ten Ways on How to Promote Your Children Book on Facebook

Ten Ways on How to Promote Your Children Book on Facebook

Do you own a children’s book? Are you looking for a place to market it? Well, there is no better free marketing platform than Facebook. Here are some amazing tips that could get you started on your quest to promote your children’s book on Facebook:

  1. Through Facebook groups

Joining any Facebook group of your choice is free of charge and offers a great advantage. These groups have a lot of people and it would be a good platform to showcase the published children’s book.

  1. Asking readers to share posts with others

This can be made possible by requesting them to click the share button at the end of the post. Through sharing, many people will see your post and get to read your book.

  1. Keeping Facebook posts short

Naturally, people tend to be pissed off with long posts, notwithstanding how informational they are. They are likely to be impressed with the shorter ones. Therefore, to attract the reader’s interest, make sure the posts are short and precise.

  1. Creating a Facebook page

Designing a Facebook page is relaxed. Once you have created one, you can invite people to like the page. Then you can go ahead and post the published book there. This will reach many people.

  1. Making posts interesting

No one would love to read a piece that is too flat and boring. One way of making them interesting is by using images that are captivating to the eyes. One can post hilarious memes, images, or even pose a question that will require readers to give out their opinions.

  1. Posting about upcoming releases

Readers who love your books and follow you on Facebook will definitely look forward to your new releases. Make sure to give out the leads where the book can be purchased.

  1. Posting about giveaways

Free things excite people. The giveaway can be a promotion for instance, “Buy two books and get one for free” or “Buy five books at a discounted price.” This way, people will be motivated to buy many copies.

  1. Posting about sales on your books

Alert the readers when the book is on sale and where they are available. If the book is available in one or more retailers, then provide a link that will direct the readers to them.

  1. Boosting posts on your page

In order to boost a post, you can pay a fee to enable your post to appear on top of the Facebook news feed and pages. Since it will be the first thing that readers will see, it is likely that most will read and respond to it.

  1. Use of Facebook ads

Ads can bring out incredible results when done properly. They should be very brief texts with catching images. They can contain information like free books but only after signing up for the newsletter. Be sure to adjust your audience for it to be seen by those you know will definitely love your books.

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