10 Ways to Identify Your Book Audience

Some authors begin writing with their audience in mind and a perfect marketing plan. However, they are also good authors that are inspired to write while they do not have their audience in mind. If you are among this group of authors, then worry not for we will provide valuable tips on finding your book audience.

Here are the best ways of identifying your book audience:

  1. Ask yourself who the book is for

One of the best ways of identifying your book audience is by first asking yourself who the book is meant for. This question will help you know the right audience for your book before you approach them.

  1. Compare your book with similar books

You can also reach your book audience by comparing your book with similar books. This will help you know the intended audience for the genre or type of book you are writing.

  1. Expand your target audience

When you have known your primary target, you should expand it as a way of identifying the secondary target of your book. For example, if you are writing a book for kids, you may also want to target parents as your audience as well.

  1. Look at social media

The social media is an effective tool that can help you identify your book audience. Just consider the best-selling books in your genre and look at who is following their authors. You will be surprised at how easy it can be to build an audience for your book using social media.

  1. Use other channels

You should not just rely on social media to give you the audience for your book. You can use other resources such as direct searches to popular search engines, blogs, online forums, and networks. You can gain access to a best-selling author’s website and post a guest comment to see the audience reaction.

  1. Collect information from your existing audience

You surely must have even one or two people as your audience. You can collect data from your existing audience to know how to identify others. Valuable information that you should have include age, gender, occupation, websites they visit, and geographic location.

  1. Develop a reader persona

Another strategy is to develop a reader persona to help you know what the audience might be feeling about your book. Given that you are human and you are reading your own book, you can have an idea of your intended target audience by acting like ‘them’.

  1. Advertise

The right audience might be out of your physical reach but can be identified through adverts. Therefore, you should create convincing ads that will help you identify the right audience for your book. This technique is also good for marketing.

  1. Find key influencers

Influencers are a great resource for finding your book audience. With the right influencer, you can identify your book audience and begin your marketing process.

  1. Seek help

There are professionals who can help you identify your book audience. Therefore, consider seeking external help if you want to identify your book audience fast.

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