How To Publish Your Print Or E-book Into An Audio Book:

The audiobook industry has recently been experiencing major growth, mainly due to the major shifts made in the delivery methods of their content. A lot of cash is being invested by publishing companies into very expensive productions. It is estimated that the total worth of the audiobook industry is about 1.7 billion dollars, a figure that is constantly on the rise. Authors who are self-published are now exposed to a good number of viable options of producing and distributing audiobooks. A few of them are discussed below. 

Using Specialized Websites

Currently, there are many websites which offer narration services for any author who may wish to get an audio version of their prints or e-books. The service work by bringing authors and linking them up with specialized and professional narrators or producers. The narrators usually own professional audio setups with which they ensure that the end product will be of very high quality. They charge a specified amount of fee based on the type and amount of work to be done.

Using Service Companies

There are a good number of companies that are formed specifically to offer narration services. They usually do all kinds of production work including hiring mixers, producers and the talent that will read the book. Most of the companies also go a step further to distribute your work to various selling sites and charge a royalty.

Advantages of Audio Books

The popularity of audioboks keeps on increasing, thanks to the many advantages that they possess. The advantages include:

* They can be used by teachers to introduce their students to books that may be beyond their level of reading. The students also gain good skills in interpretive reading and critical listening.

* One can learn new vocabularies and the pronunciation of some difficult words.

* Audiobooks help in side stepping dialects that might be unfamiliar or accents.

* Improving the skills of word recognition. By seeing a word written and hearing it at the same time, the skill will develop faster.

* They offer entertainment. Some of the audiobooks are designed specifically for entertainment purposes, especially for children. They make the learning process easy.

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                                       Tips for Authors to Improve their Books Sales:

Writing a book is in itself an art. There are many authors in the world writing different kind of book every day. So what makes one author succeed and another to fail? Well, there are many factors that may cause this but the common factor is the sales strategy, then you will probably sell more books making your name great in the long list of best authors.

To be discussed below are some of the tips on what authors must do to improve their books' sales.

Redo Your Cover Page:

It has been realized that most books don't sell not becuase of poor content but rather due to the bad cover page. The moment you noticed there are bad reviews on your book, as an author, you should redo your cover page to make it more appealing. This is the first selling point of your work.

Identify Your Audience:

Some authors just write book and publish them without even thinking of their audience. It is important that you identify your audience before you start marketing your book. The moment you have done this, it will be easy to convince your audience to buy your book.

Link Your Book to Trendy Topics:

People are known to move with trendy stuff and that is why authors should link their books with trendy topics. Do not limit yourself to old ways of writing but rather adapt to the trendy topics.

Create Readers Guide at the End of the Book:

Unlike in the past, nowadays people prefer to be given a reading guide at the end of the book so that they get interest in reading the book. And while writing your reading guide, ensure that it is captivating so that it attracts more readers.

Create a Press Release:

A press release is very important in marketing your book. Therefore, you should create a convincing press release when getting your book in the shelves. You can always invite professionals who are experienced in press releases to help you out.

Time Your Release:

You should not just release your book at any time you feel like. Ensure that the time you release your book there is an event that will help in improving the sale of that book. 

Write Quality Content:

One of the most efficient ways to improving books sales is by writing quality content, there are chances that readers will trust you and refer you to their friends.

The above mentioned are some of the things that an author must do in order to improve books sales.

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Florida Author Reels out Inspiring Books for Young Children

February 2, 2015 -- Children's author, illustrator and publisher, Ronald Destra, is providing a ray of hope for young readers with his inspiring tales.

Studies show that a growing number of youngsters face issues such as self confidence and self esteem; however, Ronald Destra's books, Hoppy the Frog, Fluffy the Bird, Scrappy the Dog and Tommy the Giraffe, teach children important life lessons to help them cope with daily issues.

Apart from the vivid illustrations and enchanting stories, the books help children develop their self confidence, teach them to be persistent, spark their imagination and enhance their creativity.

All four books were published by Destra World Books Publishing, LLC , which is owned by Ronald Destra & Juanita Destra. When asked about the inspiration behind his books, Ronald said: "I want to help young children learn that they do have a purpose in life and to never give up no matter what life throws at them."

Children are in for a further treat as Ronald Destra is currently working on the audio book versions for Fluffy the Bird, Scrappy the Dog and Tommy the Giraffe. For further information or to purchase copies of the books, please visit and at your favorite online book stores.


(c) 2015 Ronald Destra, Juanita Destra & Destra World Books Publishing, LLC All rights reserved.

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