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Online Publishing Service Provides Rapid Release of Books and E-books.

(Miami,Florida.) Book services and packages at Destra World Books Publishing gives writers several tiers of service to get their self published materials before a waiting world. Complete with bookstore, author center and blog. is a simple site that deliver to many writers pain-free options for expanding the reach of their publishing projects.

This site offers a cluster of services and packages under one umbrella, freeing people from going to numerous sites for the varied marketing tools they need in order to maximize the exposure of their projects.Blog tours, a new feature that practically takes the travel logistics common with traditional book tours out of the picture, are offered at Destra World Books Publishing. This service allows the author to reach a mass of people without leaving their home base. Authors also find a whole catalog of useful services on the site; such as video services, internet marketing, book marketing services, broadcast interviews, website services,direct marketing and so much more.

"You write and we publish", is the motto of this online publishing mecca. The one-stop-shop available at the site relieves writers of inventory nightmares, by offering print-on-demand which matches the print volume of each particular book to the customer demand. is also the place to go for self publishers who want to exercise control of their products while competing with traditionally published books on the market.

Publishing options at Destra World Books Publishing fix various budgets and accommodates several genres. For seamless publishing, printing and marketing of books, many are turning to Destra World Books Publishing.

Visitors to the site can also check out top shelf articles about recent books released and other book related content. Post at Destra World Books Publishing features the information that self publishers seek. Knowledgeable experts in editing, marketing, illustrating, and organizing book projects are available at Destra World Books Publishing. Writers,write, but Destra World Books Publishing helps them turn their writing into a finish published project and then aid them in getting it into the market place.

5 Stars Review:

"As an author I like to focus on the creative part of my work and not necessarily on the organizational part. I've published books on different platforms in the past but Destra World Books Publishing took the online publishing process to a different level.

They took care of things like editing, illustration and marketing for me so I didn't have to worry about all this when writing. I'd highly recommend Destra World Books Publishing to any author, especially the ones that love the writing process more than the publishing of the book. Thank you!"