* How to Market Children's Literature *

There is usually that excitement that comes with having a kid. The level of excitement is always higher with the first timers' parents. For this reason, they do anything to make the child feel comfortable here  on Earth. One of the common ways of making a child comfortable is by buying them children's literature. Of course this is meant for the kids who have at least some bit of understanding. It is quite evident that there is a huge market for these literature books. As an author or a publisher, how do you market your books efficiently? This is where most people failed. To be looked here below are some of the top ways of marketing children literature to get the biggest chunk of buyers.

* Use Social Media *

It will be suicidal mission for you to avoid the social media thinking that is not the right platform to market your books. Take advantage of the many users to get attraction of many potential buyers. Facebook and Twitter are among the popular social sites that you can use to market your literature.

* Give Local Schools Samples *

Schools are by far the best marketers when it comes to children literature. You should set out a few stock and distribute to some of the local schools. If they like your work they will recommend that parents buy your literature works for their children.

* Donate to Libraries *

You can also use the local libraries to market  children literature. All you need to do is donate a few copies to the library and ask the librarians to give them a good display. You never know, this could be the best way of having your books in the larger market.

* Take Advantage of Children's Function *

There are various local function for the children happening in all towns nearly on a weekly basis. You can take advantage of this to make arrangements with the events' organizers to give you a spot to market your books.

* Door-to-Door Marketing *

This seems to be tiring but the results are usually amazing. As a matter of fact, you will not even need to do it for a long time for the satisfied buyers will spread the word.

* Advertisement *

You can resort to advertise your literature in the media. But this method requires some amount of money to be used.

All the above given ways are some of the most effective ways of marketing children literature that all the authors and publishers should embrace.

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     **Why Do We Need an ISBN?**

ISBN is an abbreviation for International Standard Book Number. Long before ISBN was introduced, there was a bit of confusion when it came to storage and selling of books. ISBN was established with the aim of ensuring that there is order when it comes to storage and selling books. This book number is given to those who want to sell their books in stores. An individual selling his/her own book is not required to have an ISBN. So the big question is why do we need an ISBN? In getting to answer this question, we will get to view the top reasons for having an ISBN and the benefits that comes with it.

**Requirement in Top Bookstores.**

All the top bookstores have put ISBN as a requirement for anyone who wants to sell their books using such stores. Consequently, distributors and wholesalers have set it as a requiement since no bookstore will accept books without an ISBN.

From this, it is clear that having an ISBN number is of great benefit since one can sell their books in the top bookstores.

**To Get the Exact Payment**

There had been confusion in most of bookstores. The source of this confusion was payment after sales. But after the introduction of ISBN, there is smooth tracking of payments to be done without inconveniencing anybody.

The benefit of having an ISBN is that it helps in tracking all your payments without any errors. Therefore, a seller will get his/her rightful dues in good times.

**To Make Supply Work Easy**

Most booksellers have opted into using it as a way of ordering books from publishers. It provides an easier way of ordering books without having  any worries. Publishers too, are using this number to arrange their books and may at times request the number to be quoted so as to give them an easy time.

Therefore, it is seen that ISBN makes the supply work easier hence hastening the process of delivery.

Another reason for using ISBN is to make sure that everything is stored in an orderly manner. The number is very unique and once a book has it, it gets the unique taste. Therefore; it is evidently clear that ISBN is of great importance.

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**Does a Book Cover Matter?**

Book readers have funny theories unto how they started reading their first book. Most concede to being attracted to a certain topic on the cover of the book leading to buying the book. So, what is the effect of book covers on readers, both new and seasoned? Some argue that book's covers have effect on readers' minds while others are opposed to such thinking saying that a cover can not impact on a reader's mind. As much as there is opposition on the effect of book's cover on readers' mentality; the truth of the matter is that book's cover matters to a high percentage of people. To be discussed below is how the book covers matter to readers.

**Attract Attention**

This is perhaps the intended reason for book covers. A book with a good cover will attract attention of many, including passersby. Out of this, one might get himself/herself buying the book. This is very beneficial to the seller and the writer because the profits will always be on the rise.

Most people who have participated in surveys to determine the importance of book covers have agreed that the cover contribute in deciding on whether to buy or not.

**Act as a Quick Guide**

Most readers will just survey the books on the shelf and get a quick synopsis on how the book is. The first impression determines whether the book is worthy or not, Some people simply judge the book by its cover.

**Easy Identification of a Book**

A book cover matters to those readers who want to identify a specific book while in a rush. It gives them an opportunity to identify the book in a shorter period than if it had no cover on it.

It is very clear that book covers matters a lot to nearly all readers. But still there are a few who are against the whole idea of bok covers playing a big role in their reading of a book. Generally, it has been observed that book covers are very beneficial.

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** How To Promote Your Book.**

There are many writers entering into the field of writing by the day. This means that competition is at its best. This has lowered revenues out of sales. While some are thinking of quitting, others are busy thinking of how to promote their books. Just before you decide to give up, take your time to learn some tips on how to promote your book effectively. To be mentioned below are some of the tips on how you can promote your book so as to get your share of the huge market out here.

** Start Promoting Your Book Early **

Some people make the mistake of engaging in book promotion after the release of the book. You should start the promotion early enough, even three years before the book is published. This will keep people eager to see and read the book.

** Build a Website **

A website is very important to anyone who wants to make it big in book promotion. The website will offer a forum where you can interact with people. It also gives you a chance to describe the book in different ways. The website should have all your contact details and the list of stores where the book is sold. Also of great importance is the link to online stores.

** Make Online Promotional Video **

You can take a few minutes of your time to make a video that will promote your book. The video can be posted to any of the online social platforms like youtube.

** Add Your Voice in Web Forum **

You should find a relevant web forum and make your contribution there. This is an effective way of selling your mind. This should be done free of charge with an aim of helping people. Out of this, people might actually get interested in your previous book or future writng.

** Write an Amazing Book **

Finally, just before you write, you should make sure that the book being written will be very interesting, not just to you but to your readers as well. Positve reviews will affect your sales positively.

If you follow the above tips on how to promote your book then you should be prepared to laugh all the way to the bank since the sales are definitely going to be high.

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