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New Children's Picture Book Offers Tale of Hope & Perseverance Through Dog's Adventures

Miami, Florida -- October 10, 2014 -- A new children's picture book shares a story of triumph over adversity through the story of Scrappy, neglected underdog who runs away from home.

Scrappy the Dog by Juanita Destra & Ronald Destra, published by Destra World Books Publishing, is the story of a sweet pup named Scrappy who ventures out into the world to escape the mistreatment and lack of care he experienced at home. Like any dog, Scrappy is inquisitive and excited about his new adventures and experiences in the outside world. He is eager to leave his life of neglected and unhappiness behind him and is determined to move forward. On his journey, he meets new friends; some cruel, some kind and some who love him like he has never been loved before.

The story of Scrappy shows readers how life can change quickly and unexpectedly. It teaches children that life can be sad and happy at different points, but that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

About the Authors

Juanita Destra is a writer and publisher who works in the medical field, where she strives to provide high-quality patient care.

Ronald Destra is a children book author, illustrator, publisher and entreprenuer. He is the illustrator and co-author of the children books, Hoppy the Frog, Fluffy the Bird, Scrappy the Dog and upcoming children book, Tommy the Giraffe. His goal is to help young children learn that they do have a purpose in life and to never give up no matter what life throws at them. Together, Juanita & Ronald co-founded Destra World Books Publishing.

About Destra World Books Publishing

Destra World Books Publishing is the internet's premiere online publishing company. They offer many plans, package and publishing  services to suit clients' needs. Destra World Books Publishing Company handles every aspect of publishing, from initial book registration to editing and illustration services, online book sales and marketing of a book or eBook.

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About the Author:

Ronald Destra is an author, publisher and illustrator. His passion is to help young children learn that they do have a purpose in life and to never give up no matter what life throws at them.

Scrappy the Dog

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Florida Couple Launches Another Exciting Children's Book

Miami, Fl (September 17,2014)-- A Florida Couple, Ronald & Juanita Destra, have launched another exciting book for their young audiences. The book, Scrappy the Dog is the second book the Destras have collaborated on.

Scrappy the Dog tells the story of a sweet little pup that ventures out into the world as he is tired of the mistreatment and lack of care he was experiencing at home. The story details on the dog's adventure he becomes the victim of cruelty from his own kind, but eventually finds the love he so desperately craves from the family who rescued him in  his time of need.

Scrappy the Dog features 32 pages of crafty story-telling and vivid illustrations that will capture children imagination. The book is targeted at children between the ages of 8-12, and touches on issues that this age group are likely to encounter. Speaking on behalf of his wife, Ronald Destra said, "We felt inspired to write this book because we wanted to help kids overcome bullying and peer-pressure."

The book was published by Destra World Books Publishing and will be available  in eBook, hardcover, papercover and audio book formats. For now, the eBook is available on Google Book, Google Play & Amazon. The hardcover and papercover are also available at

                        Fluffy the Bird  Press Release

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New Children's Book " Fluffy the Bird " Teaches Children About Following Their Purpose in Life.

The picture book feature the story of a happy little bird who loves to sing a beautiful song.

Miami, Florida, August 24,2014-- A poignant message about doing what one loves is present in Fluffy the Bird, a new book co-author by Juanita & Ronald Destra. Fluffy the Bird is now available for order from Destra World Books Publishing for the paper & hard cover, and E-book is available on Google Book.

Fluffy is a bird that loves to sing, and everyone who encounters the bird loves his song. His singing is so beautiful that people can't help but stop and listen to him singing. One day, a very important man comes to the door of Fluffy's owners. He informs them he's a record producer from Atlanta, and he heard about the amazing singing of Fluffy. The owners are overjoyed that Fluffy's natural talent is being recognized, and they want the world to hear his beautiful song. Finally, the day comes for Fluffy to shine on the big stage.

Fluffy the Bird is a fully illustrated children's book that teaches children about the importance of listening to their talents, and discovering their purpose in the world. As authors, Juanita & Ronald Destra want to create fun yet thoughtful stories with messages for children. Ronald Destra recently wrote the book Hoppy the Frog, a children's book about a frog race for a royal bride that touches on confidence, courage and to never give up. Together, the duo hopes to publish a number of picture books for children that are inspirational and helpful, especially for the young. Their upcoming titles Scrappy The Dog and Tommy The Giraffe. For more information on Fluffy the Bird, please visit &  for book trailers, link to order, cover art & more. This book is perfect for parents/guardians, teachers, librarians & children's organizations who interact with children ages 8-12 years old. Order Now!

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