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Ronald Destra Releases His New Book, The Little Hero, for Kids

Miami, Florida (September 5, 2016) The genre of children's books has consistently been developing and innovating, as unlike a decade back. When only two to three authors ruled the roost with typical, run of the mill, predictable stories. Currently, more and more authors are venturing into this genre and creating an unique reading experience for kids. some authors who would previously only write for adults have realized the potential that the children's genre holds and have started penning books for the same. Renowned author Ronald Destra has followed suit and made his sixth debuts in the genre of kids' fiction with his latest book titled, 'The Little Hero.'

The Little Hero tells a story of how a little kid saved his parents and their house from fire outburst. The book teaches kids what to do in an emergency. The story is told in rhyming text, to help children learn the story faster. Full of colorful images that spell out the story in pictures, the book is easy for a non-reading child to pick up and make up his story about the book. 

"Kids love fire trucks and firefighters," Ronald Destra said. "By bringing them a fire based book, the children are already interested in the story. In the book, they learn how to handle fire emergencies. Because they are so interested in the main characters, the book helps them to learn more about reading. They also learn a bit about fire safety as well."

"One of the first steps toward reading is being able to make a story out of a series of pictures," said Ronald. "Besides, it encourages kids to use their imagination, and that's always a good thing."

Other books by Ronald Destra can be found at the author's website: 

About Destra World Books Publishing, LLC:

Destra World Books Publishing provides top-notch publishing services, giving book and eBook authors a 60% net royalty profit, which is more than the industry standard. In today's technology-driven world, Destra World Books Publishing gives authors worldwide distribution and allows them to keep all copyrights. The company's website at  contains additional information.


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August 16, 2016

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Best Friends By Ronald Destra And Juanita Destra

Renowned children's literature authors unveil yet another educating and informative book titled, "Best Friends".


Florida, USA -- The renowned writers and bestselling children's literature authors for the state of Florida, USA, who have made a mark in the highly coveted niche and have successfully enhanced the cognitive capability of children across the globe by providing contents that are not only informative and revealing but also have transformed the way children perceived the future, are now unveiling another stellar book titled, "Best Friends".

The book, Best Friends, is all about Joseph and his friends who both had birth complications and were partially paralyzed because they were both on wheel chairs even as they grew up. The two friends despite their incapability, loved each other, cared about each other and shared tons on dreams together, their incapability never served as an Achilles heel to them, but it made them strong and brave, they both lived in hope instead in despair and with the foresight that one day their current condition will turn out to be a blessing for them. Though a tragicomedy piece, it has a lot of moral lessons to be derived from.

The book, Best Friends, isn't just for kids, but it is also for upcoming youths with dreams and great aspirations who feel daunted and devastated by their current situation and are almost throwing in the towel. As progressive parents, who love to see their kids and wards progress and achieve good success in life; this book will serve as an invaluable compliment to the well being of such kids and will assist them in achieving their most craved desire no matter the circumstances they are being surrounded with. Best Friends is poised to offer the following to its prospective readers:

* Increase a Child's confidence.

* Teach them to be resilient, to persevere, and to be resolute.

* Facilitate overall reading and comprehension ability and skills.

* Stimulate imagination and enhance creativity.

* Matching images of characters that are compelling and captivating so as to keep the Child's attention focused.

For more information about the book or authors, please visit the following websites: 


About the Authors:

The book, Best Friends, was co-authored by Juanita Destra wife of Ronald Destra. The couple owns one of the best publishing houses in the U.S., where they provide professional publishing services to ace writers around the globe. Ronald Destra who is the chief author, is widely known for his contribution to the children's literature niche and has written several inspiration books such as Fluffy the Bird, Hoppy the Frog, Tommy the Giraffe, Scrappy the Dog, Best Friends, The Little Hero and much more.

His passion is to help young children learn that they do have a purpose in life and to never give up.

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July 25, 2016

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Rising Publisher Release A Heartwarming Children's Book

An up-and-coming publisher, Destra World Books Publishing, has just  launched their newest book, Best Friends, which tells the compassionate story of two friends battling illness. 

Florida, July 25, 2016-- Compassion is a trait every parent wants for their child, yet no children's tale teaches compassion as well as Best Friends. It can seem like every fable follows the same 'hero's journey' plot or simple rules such as truth-telling in the famous tale of Pinocchio. Destra World Books Publishing wants to teach something broader, allowing a larger positive impact in the minds of developing children. 

To achieve this goal in Best Friends, Destra World Books Publishing has worked tirelessly to drive constructive morals home. The book itself starts out detailing the blossoming, interracial friends of two five year-old children who find themselves in adjacent hospital rooms after contracting serious illness. These children spend years together outliving the predictions of doctors and eventually are friends outside of the hospital. As a result readers are able to derive several overarching morals: acceptance, hope, and compassion. 

Any young reader is able to recognize the acceptance between the two star-crossed friends despite differing backgrounds and races. Additionally, the two protagonists are able to live far beyond their predicted demise by sheer hope and happiness. Best Friends hopes that this exemplification will allow readers to integrate a spirit of friendly acceptance into their own lives, instilling a sense of compassion in the reader. This book is truly inspiring and faces topics that will engage and improve the moral of any child.

About the Authors:

Best Friends was written and illustrated by Ronald Destra and co-written by Juanita Destra, founders of Destra World Books Publishing. They are a happily married couple who are passionate about educating the world's youth. Together they run Destra World Books Publishing, and independent publishing company built on pleasing the author by allowing writers to keep rights to all work and 60% of any proceeds. The husband Ronald is an expert writer having written Scrappy the Dog, Fluffy the Bird, Tommy the Giraffe, Hoppy the Frog, Best Friends, and The Little Hero, all with the same dedication to moral that he has contributed to Best Friends.

For more information, please visit:

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Destra World Books Publishing Caters to Authors Looking  for a Top Tier Publisher.

Destra World Books Publishing provides top notch publishing services, giving book and eBook authors a 60% net royalty profit. In today's technology - driven world, Destra World Books Publishing gives authors worldwide distribution and allows them to keep all copyrights.


N.Miami, Florida. December 12, 2015 -- Destra World Books Publishing and co-founders, Juanita and Ronald Destra are pleased to announce that the company offers a menu of publishing packages to match the author's needs with all the tasks which surround publishing and marketing books. All the task are handled by Destra World Books Publishing so that authors can focus on writing. Traditional publishing is gradually declining, thanks to the opportunities available with online publishing.

According to a company spokesperson, "We have many plans, packages, and publishing services to suit your needs. With Destra World Books Publishing Company, we handled everything for you; from initial book registration, editing services, illustration services and online book sales to marketing of your book or eBook."

Authors know that there are many places where a book can be published. Choosing an online publishers allow for lowering costs, increasing profits and still getting wide exposure. Destra World Books Publishing takes the manuscript from start to finished product. There is complete communication throughout the process. The professionals at Destra World Books Publishing takes care of the editing responsibilities and book cover design. Changes, additions and deletions are free of charge.

 The publication of the book is followed by second step which is crucial to success. Destra World Books Publishing will help with the marketing both with the offline and online channels. First time authors often are unable to access the resources necessary to gain wide exposure.  The result is low sales and discouragement. 

In addition to the basic publishing costs, Destra World Books Publishing adds a number of a la carte extras. A few examples are rapid release, an email campaign, virtual book tour, online radio interview and a video interview. For authors who know what they want: Silver, Gold, Diamond and Platinum Packages are available.

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