Silver Package:$2,999

This package is for author who knows exactly what they want and present that idea to our designers.You will have the pleasure to get a book that looks professionally done.

Design and Image:

  • Customization of cover and interior
  • Conference call with cover and interior designer
  • Allow of cover art up to 5 images and author(s) photo
  • 30 allotted interior graphic tables


  • Your book in paper back format
  • Your book in hard back format
  • your book in e-book format
  • Author representative supports

Post Publication:

  • One paper back and one hard back author copy
  • Assignment ISBN
  • Registration with book in print database
  • 10 paper back copies
  • 5 hard back copies
  • Worldwide distribution
  • Registration with online book seller through national distributors.
  • U.S Copyright Registration
  • Library of Congress Registration
  • Barnes and nobles see inside
  • Amazon search inside
  • Online book sales and royalty accounting
  • Quarterly royalty payment
  • Book Return ability (12 months)


  • 50 post cards
  • 50 book marks
  • 50 business cards
  • 5 posters